New Vacancies

New vacancies updated regularly at including;

Maintenance Engineer, Staffordshire, £22k – £28k

Cost Estimator, Staffordshire, £25k – £30k

EC&I Engineer, Teesside, £negotiable

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Interview Tips

Improve your chances at job interviews by following these simple tips to stand out from the competition:

  • Research: they will want to know what you know about them, why you are there and why do you want to work for the company. Read up about the company, who are they, what do they make / supply, how many employees do they have etc. Also about the job, even if it is a job role you are experienced in, you still need to demonstrate your knowledge.
  • Preparation: Read blogs and articles like this for a start! Find out about the interview, who are you being interviewed by; Human resources, a manager or director? What format will the interview take, will it involve job specific or pyschometric tests, will it be a competency based interview, what kind of questions will you be asked and what answers will you give? You have already done your research so what questions will you ask.
  • Be on time: Find out where you are going, how far is it and how long will your journey take? Are you going to small office or a large factory where you will have to allow time to park, sign in with security etc. If you are going to be late it does not have to be the end of the world, telephone as soon as possible explaining why you are going to be late and how long you will be, when you do arrive apologise once and try not to dwell on it.
  • Appearance: Smart business dress is a must for just about every job interview. Keep it conservative, no funny ties or very bright colours, do not go over board with aftershave or perfume. Remember, you want to put across a professional image and not to get noticed for all the wrong reasons!
  • Body language: Can often tell more about a person in an interview than the actual answers given. Simple things such as a firm handshake on arrival, maintaining eye contact, not fidgeting, sitting up straight may seem like common sense but can make a difference.

For information about recruitment services for job seekers in engineering professions please visit RJN Selection’s Job Seekers’ page.

Handy Tips For Job Seekers

Job seeking can be a daunting and frustrating experience, especially with so much competition for vacancies now. Here are a few key tips for getting started:

1. CV: take time to prepare your CV, make sure all the information is accurate, covers the key points of your experience, qualifications and skills and will sell you to potential employers. Remember the basics; spell check, layout, keep the formatting standard throughout, do not include pictures, graphics, fancy borders or anything else distracting, keep in concise, 2 or 3 pages is usually enough.

2. Apply for relevant jobs: while some jobs can sound really attractive and there is no harm with being ambitious, applying for jobs you are unqualified and inexperienced for will only result in rejection, wasting your time and the employers’ and recruiters’.

3. Cover letter: this will often be the first thing the recruiter will look at, so make sure you get it right or they may not even look at the CV. Address the letter by name where possible, include key points from your CV which are relevant to the role,  keep it to one page.

4. Be pro-active: if you have not seen relevant vacancies advertised, don’t just wait until an advert appears, contact recruitment agencies and companies directly, many of their vacancies will not be advertised.

If you are looking for engineering jobs in the UK don’t forget to check RJN Selection’s vacancies page regularly.


Job Search

If you are searching for the latest engineering job visit RJN Selection’s vacancies page . New vacancies added this week include:

  • Mechanical Design Engineer, Staffordshire
  • Document Controller, Staffordshire
  • Mechanical Design Engineer, Cambridgeshire

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