Handy Tips For Job Seekers

Job seeking can be a daunting and frustrating experience, especially with so much competition for vacancies now. Here are a few key tips for getting started:

1. CV: take time to prepare your CV, make sure all the information is accurate, covers the key points of your experience, qualifications and skills and will sell you to potential employers. Remember the basics; spell check, layout, keep the formatting standard throughout, do not include pictures, graphics, fancy borders or anything else distracting, keep in concise, 2 or 3 pages is usually enough.

2. Apply for relevant jobs: while some jobs can sound really attractive and there is no harm with being ambitious, applying for jobs you are unqualified and inexperienced for will only result in rejection, wasting your time and the employers’ and recruiters’.

3. Cover letter: this will often be the first thing the recruiter will look at, so make sure you get it right or they may not even look at the CV. Address the letter by name where possible, include key points from your CV which are relevant to the role,  keep it to one page.

4. Be pro-active: if you have not seen relevant vacancies advertised, don’t just wait until an advert appears, contact recruitment agencies and companies directly, many of their vacancies will not be advertised.

If you are looking for engineering jobs in the UK don’t forget to check RJN Selection’s vacancies page regularly.


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